EM3338K Colourful Station

Detailed parameters

Dimensions 160x160x48mm
Material 100
Color 38*23.5*42.5cm


RF433 MHz Wireless Weather Station Clock

Air pressure & Weather forecast

Indoor and outdoor temperature display

Indoor and outdoor humidity display

Wireless Transmission range up to 60 m

outdoor wire sensor (measure down to -40C temperature)

maximum & minimum temperature & humidity record

Clock, date and alarm clock

Comfort indicator in 3 level

Dual Alarms /Snooze

Reversed blue membrane LCD display

Clock size:160x160x48mm

Sensor size:95x56x22mm

Powered:3pcs AA for clock and 2pcs AAA for outdoor

sensor or 1pc 4.5V 200mA AC/DC adapter. (Both

not included; Accessory according to customer??s